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Electric Soul Tattoo Machines are made by hand, one at a time, as they have always been.   After about a decade of creating hand-made coil tattoo machines, this is the next step in the natural process.  The new 3D Printed Coffin Rotary is an absolute BEAST.  They have a "finger adjustable" stroke of 1 to 5 MM!  That adjustable stoke combined with a powerful Japanese branded motor, and perfect geometry make this machine absolutely SLAY Linework of all groupings, Black and Grey AND Color!  After a couple decades of setting up 3 or even 4 machines to do a tattoo, I am besides myself I can set up one machine and it absolutely RIPS for everything!

Being 3D printed you can scrub down your coffin machine with Cavicide or what ever you use to clean your area.  The materials they are made with are chemical resistant and easily cleaned, there is no fear of rust or harming the machines surface.  Another huge benefit is the weight of the machine.  Fully loaded with a cartridge tube and cartridge it weighs about half as much as a coil machine unloaded, and half of some of the rotaries being sold today.  If your looking for a powerful and ultra light-weight machine that does it all, look no further!  After about 20 years of tattooing and making machines, this has completely changed the game for me and I have no doubt it will for you as well.  This is the only tattoo machine I tattoo with now.

"T" Massari


3D Printed Coffin Rotary Machines are 150$ + shipping for inquiries




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